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🛍 Step 3: Add Inventory & Giveaways (Quickie Upload)

⚠️ Required

In order to make sales, you must add inventory to your show before going live (Quickie Upload). We recommend doing so at 48 hours in advance or more. 🎉 Quickie Upload is much faster than regular listing. Buyers can even bookmark products they like and get notified when the bidding starts. 🎁 Quickie Upload GIVEAWAYS too! (see #4) ‼️ Want to clone unsold inventory from one show to another? (see #6)

1) Open your already scheduled live show

2) Click the + button (bottom right corner)

Notion image

3) Quickie Upload all the inventory you want to sell (*required fields)

  • Title* - name of product.
    • For liability purposes, if there are flaws be sure to add them in the title or description.
  • Starting Bid Price*: price the auction starts at.
    • This is up to you. We recommend $1, $5, or $10.
  • Bidding Time: how long buyers have to bid. Most sellers choose 20 seconds.
  • Weight*
    • This is how we calculate shipping cost (to learn more, check out this article )
    • Please select the correct weight. You won’t be able to change once the item is sold.
  • All other fields are optional, however we highly recommend Product Photos with good lighting and simple backdrops. This will help buyers bookmark the items they like and want to bid on.

4) 🎁 Quickie Upload GIVEAWAYS

  • While this is not required, it is highly recommended!
  • Giveaways are a great way to increase attendance.
  • While you are not paid for a giveaway item (you’re offering it for free), shipping is free to both you and the winner - Jamble pays for the shipping.
    • Notion image

5) Order your products - the exact order you have will be how you go live.

Notion image
  • It opens the list of products that you already Quickie Uploaded which you can move around.
Notion image

6) You can also Clone Quickie Uploads from older shows, to learn more about it check out this article

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