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✂️Order cancellation

Find out more about cancelling an order

We may be able to help you cancel the order, but we cannot offer refunds for buyers who change their minds.

The cancellation process depends on the status of the transaction

If want to cancel an order that has not been shipped yet

  • If the seller hasn’t confirmed the order yet, you can go to the app, click on the order and scroll down to the cancel button
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  • If the seller has confirmed the order, contact them directly. Only they have the possibility to cancel your order. Stay friendly and explain clearly the reason for your cancellation.

If you want to cancel an order that has been shipped

  • If you are at home when USPS delivers the package, you can refuse the delivery. This will trigger the Jamble shipping protection policy. You will be automatically refunded when the sellers gets the item back.
  • If you weren't there when the delivery was made, you will have to return the item by your own means. Once the seller gets the item back, we will be able to issue you a refund. Please report the issue in the app within 48 hours after you get the item so we can suspend the transaction

We advise you to try to resolve the issue directly with the seller before involving Jamble. A simple friendly conversation is often the best way to resolve the matter.

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