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Find out about shipping

Buyers cover all shipping costs. Sellers do not pay for shipping.

Shipping prices come in addition to the price of the item and appear in the total amount at checkout.

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Shipping costs are calculated according to USPS guidelines. They are based on the weight and size of the item purchased as well as the location of both the buyer and the seller.

After the delivery

Once your item has been delivered to you, you have up to 48 hours to report any issues. After 48 hours, the transaction will be automatically marked as completed.

Bundle shipping

When you buy multiple items during the same Live Show, sellers have the possibility to send them together, thus significantly decreasing the cost of shipping.

  • First item: Sets the base shipping rate, depending on the item's weight and the buyer's location.
  • Second item: Adds a smaller additional charge to shipping costs.
  • Each additional item: Adds an even smaller additional charge to shipping costs.

The more you add to your bundle, the less the percentage of shipping cost for your purchase.

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