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🌈 What is Jamble ?

Want to learn more about us? Let’s walk you through it!

Jamble is a secondhand fashion marketplace powered by live videos. Designed for the reseller community, it offers an innovative and interactive way to thrift.

Sell, buy and connect with other members of the community

Jamble offers a whole new way of thrifting through Live Shows. Live video auctions allow you to interact and connect with other members of the community. Get and give all the details you want about the items you choose! Live Shows on Jamble make thrifting easy and fun, at the best price!

Share what inspires you

The video feed is the heart of Jamble. This is where our creative community shares videos of their carefully curated outfits and the preloved items they handpicked. Browse the feed for inspo, styling tips and find hidden gems on the Feed. Feel free to experiment with the latest fashion trends and share what you’re wearing. The Feed is a safe space for our creators to express themselves.

Let your imagination run wild and post to the Feed! It’s a great way to get clout and attract an audience!

Explore our collection and find what you will love on Jamble

The Marketplace is another great way to search for other items handpicked by your favorite resellers. Whether you use the tagging system or the search tools, explore our vast collection and discover unique gems. Lululemon, Vintage, Y2K, Levi's, Nike & Ralph Lauren, there’s so much more to find on Jamble.

Update your closet in an environmentally friendly way

Jamble is here to help you in your resale journey and provide you a more sustainable way to shop. Don’t let your clothes sit in the back of your closet or end up in a landfill, post them on Jamble! List the clothes you no longer wear and give them a second life. Replace your old clothes with new-to-you pieces you’ll cherish forever. It’s better for the planet and your wallet!

Give us some love and feedback!

Tell us what you think of the app! Jamble is always on the move, each update brings you new features. Your precious feedback and suggestion help us improve the app every day.

Follow us and reach out on TikTok (@jamble.app) or Instagram (@getjambleapp).

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