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Counterfeit policy

Zero Tolerance on Counterfeits


At Jamble, we are dedicated to fostering a safe and authentic marketplace for our community. Maintaining the integrity of our platform is paramount, and as such, the listing and sale of counterfeit items is illegal and strictly forbidden. Selling items that infringe upon intellectual property rights, including copyright or trademark violations, is also strictly prohibited. We uphold the highest standards of legality and ethics, ensuring a trustworthy shopping experience for all users.


Seller Guidelines:

  1. No Counterfeit Listings: Sellers are strictly prohibited from listing or selling any counterfeit items. This includes products that infringe upon another's trademark or copyright, such as replicas, imitations, dupes or “inspired by” items. Selling counterfeit items is illegal and undermines the trust of our community.
  1. Proof of Authentication: Sellers must provide proof of authentication for the items they list. This documentation should be readily available upon request to verify the authenticity of the products, aligning with Jamble's commitment to genuine articles.

Buyer Assurance:

  1. Counterfeit Item Policy: If a buyer receives a counterfeit item, they have to report it before the transaction is completed, within 48h of receiving it. Jamble reserves the right to take appropriate action to maintain trust and safety within our community. This may include charging the seller for the total cost of the item, including taxes, shipping, and the product price itself. Such measures are in place to deter the sale of counterfeit goods and protect our users.
  1. Reporting Counterfeit Items: If you believe you have received a counterfeit item, please report it promptly. Refunds are subject to our return policy, and additional information, including photo evidence, are required.

We urge all members of the Jamble community to adhere to these guidelines diligently. Together, we can ensure a safe and authentic marketplace experience for everyone.

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