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👥Naming your Live moderators

Name Your Moderators

Live Sellers can also appoint Moderators for their Live Shows. Assign trusted members of your community to help you ensure a smooth and enjoyable Live Show experience for everyone


Moderators have the authority to ban users with inappropriate or disruptive behavior.

Appointing Moderators: The How-To

Adding a Moderator to your Live Show is a simple process and can be done in two ways:

  1. During a Live Show, click on a user's profile and select "Name as a Moderator".
  1. Search for a user's profile, click the three dots at the top right, and select "Set as a Moderator".

You can manage your appointed moderators by visiting your settings, selecting "My Account", and then choosing "My Moderators". Here, you can add or remove moderators as you see fit. It's important to remember that once someone is named as a moderator, they will act as a moderator for all your Live Shows until they are removed.

With this new feature, you can focus on delivering the best Live Shows while knowing that your community is in safe and trusted hands. Enjoy a greater peace of mind and a smoother Live Show experience with the power of moderation!

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