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⚔️ Reporting on Jamble

How to report on Jamble

Jamble is designed to be a safe space for all its users.

We rely on our community to help us keep it that way. We encourage everyone to remain kind and friendly when interacting with other members of the Jamble community.

Any user content breaking the rules of acceptable use, endangering other users or if we believe it against the ethos of Jamble will be reported and deleted. Any direct violation of the Jamble Terms of Use will lead to the suspension of your account.

If someone sends you strange-looking links, asks for private information in the chat, or threatens or spams you, please report them. We don’t tolerate inappropriate behavior on our platform. We encourage you to report any and all content not complying with our Terms of Use.

Your reports are entirely anonymous - except if you are reporting an intellectual property infringement.

Truth, fun and respect are the foundation of the Jamble community. Keep that in mind when interacting with each other!

If you see something disturbing please use the reporting tools, we’ll do our best to sort it. Thanks for helping us keep Jamble safe!

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