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🆘 Moderation + Contact Us during the show.

Ban someone in real time, or contact our team.

Ban people from a Show yourself

The Live Host has the ability to ban people with abusive behavior. If you feel uncomfortable with one’s attitude toward your live you can easily ban them this way.

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Manage reported people by others

Viewers can report abusive behavior during the Live. You will get a notification if this happens. Be careful when you decide to ban disruptive people from your show.

You have a question…

In the live room, click on the “?” button. Ask us a question, we will circle back very quickly

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Experiencing technical issues…

If you run into technical issues during your live show, you can try to resolve the issue by force quitting the Jamble app. The app is designed to pause your live show when you force quit and to re-open your live automatically when you reopen the app.

If this doesn’t solve your issue please contact us by clicking the “?” button. We will dispatch someone from our Tech Team

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