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📣 Step 5: Post on Social + Get Pre-Made Content

Promoting on social media has never been easier.

Go to your upcoming live show to find all our pre-made content and tools to easily promote your live! We’ll even give you an ad budget to boost your posts. See below.

💬 How to describe Jamble:

  • Jamble is your new Live Stream thrifting destination!
  • Jamble’s coolest features:
    • LIVE Shows, Auctions, and Thrifting with bids starting at $1
    • GIVEAWAYS - free shipping for hosts and winners (paid by jamble)
    • Shop from our feed of TikTok type videos
    • Get $10 to spend when you join Jamble
    • Sync your entire Depop / Poshmark closet in seconds
  • Think of Jamble as a mix between Depop, Twitch & TikTok

⭐️ Your invite code is your BFF

  • Your invite code gives $10 credits to spend to new users on Jamble.
  • Share invite code and show link as much as possible.
  • Make stories that link to your show.
    • (see below) Click “Instagram Stories” for pre-made designs that are ready to post
Notion image

▶️ What to post on TikTok + IG Reels

  • Want an ad budget? We’ll give you one.
    • Notion image
  • Introduce Jamble + announce your Live Show
  • We highly recommend adding screen recordings or screenshots of the app to show people how to access your show and make it clear you’re going live on the Jamble App
  • Show off what you will be selling and remind people of the date of the show

▶️ What to post on IG, TikTok, and SnapChat Stories:

  • Post on your story at least 3 times:
    • 2 days before
    • 1 day before
    • Day of the show
  • Include the link to your show each time you post
  • For a pre-made design, click “Instagram stories”
    • Notion image
  • What you should post on the story (examples below):
    • How to access your show (screenshot the app): show them where to find the show, and encourage bookmarks
    • Benefits to attending: $10 to new users + amazing deals, gems, discounts, brands, styles, etc.
    • Teaser of the inventory: what can they find?
    • Polls: we recommend posting something interactive and then reaching out to invite those who respond
      • “Have you ever heard of Jamble”
      • “Have you ever attended a thrift show”
      • “Have you ever live stream thrifted”
    • Use Instagram countdowns to remind people when the show is starting. → Here’s how:
      • Notion image
    • Example Stories:
      • Notion image
      Notion image
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