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🤳🏽 Step 6: Set up to go live (wifi, etc.).

⚠️ Required

Live Settings

  • Make sure your phone fully charged. When the charge is below 20% or in Low Power mode, your device will have difficulty streaming.
    • Turn OFF Low Power Mode
    • In iPhone Settings, under “Display and Brightness” turn Auto-Lock to NEVER
  • Make sure your WiFi connection is strong. We recommend using a website like speedtest.net to test your WiFi connection. We recommend a minimum upload speed of 5 mbps.
  • Lighting, sound, and framing all have a significant impact on the visual side and experience of your show. Be sure to do some practice tests. To keep your camera in place, consider using a tripod, a gimbal, or another tool.
  • If possible, avoid wearing white (the color may blend in with the chat box, making it hard for users to see)

Background & Settings

Having a good background for your live show can significantly improve your audience's experience, as well as increase your sales. Here are some tips for setting your background:

  • It's best to keep the background clutter-free
  • Consider providing a rack or shelf with products (even if they're not covered).
  • If you are showing off products on a desk, ensure it is tidy and organized
  • Do you need a helper? It is not required but can be helpful. Stay close to your camera and be aware of the chat / comments from the audience during your live.
  • Thank your customers who purchase items, and thank those who shared your shows with their friends.

Having a partner or a helper

One of the best ways to improve your live shows is to recruit a helper or someone to assist you in producing the show. Having a co-worker or a friend assist you can make a big difference.


Practice mode

Prior to your live show, practice and test you set up using the Jamble app's practice mode. We suggest practicing prior to the day of the event to help calm your nerves and prepare for any potential distractions.

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