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🤳🏽Using two devices at your Live Show

Effortlessly manage your Live: stream & control with dual devices

Managing a Live show can be challenging, especially when you're trying to showcase your items, chat with buyers, and handle the auction. To make this process easier, we've introduced the option to use two devices to manage your Jamble Live Show. Requirement: iPhone or iPad devices with the latest version of the Jamble app

Here’s how you can take advantage of this feature to enhance your Live experience:


Step 1: Start your show with your primary streaming device Begin by starting your live show using the device you'd like to stream / record from.


Step 2: Open the show on your second device Next, grab your second iOS device - either an iPhone or an iPad - and navigate to your Profile. From there, open same Live show that you started.


Step 3: Choose to use the second device as a remote A “Remote control” pop-up will appear on your second device, asking if you'd like to use it as a remote or to stream. Select "Use as a remote."


That’s it! This will allow you to manage your show, such as pinning items and chatting with buyers, while your primary device takes care of the video and audio streams.

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