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✈️ Importing your listings from Depop and Poshmark

Save time and import your listings

Sync your inventory to Jamble in seconds

Automatically Sync your Depop and/or Poshmark inventory to Jamble. We will automatically upload new listings and automatically delete sold listings for you.


  • Anytime you upload to Poshmark it goes to Jamble
  • Anytime you sell on Poshmark it removes from Jamble

Go to Profile Settings > Click on Sync Your Depop or Sync Your Poshmark > Enter your Depop or Poshmark username > Follow the steps

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Troubleshooting Sync Issues

While our system is designed to seamlessly sync your Depop and Poshmark inventories with Jamble, there are instances where synchronization might not work as expected. Understanding these common reasons can help you quickly resolve any issues:
  1. Case Sensitivity in Usernames: Ensure that when you enter your Depop or Poshmark username in Jamble, it matches exactly, including any upper-case letters. Mismatched case sensitivity can lead to failed synchronization.
  1. Username Changes on Depop/Poshmark: If you've recently changed your username on Depop or Poshmark after syncing your account, this can disrupt the sync process. Therefore, it's important not to change your username on Depop or Poshmark once it's synced with Jamble.
If you need to change your username, first unsync your account on Jamble, then change your username on Depop/Poshmark, and finally, resync your account with the new username.
  1. Mismatched Item Sizes and Categories: Sometimes, an item may not sync due to size discrepancies or if the item's category on Depop or Poshmark isn't compatible with Jamble's category options. Review your item details for any such discrepancies and adjust them accordingly.
  1. Sync Timing: The sync process between Depop/Poshmark and Jamble can take a few minutes, depending on the number of items in your inventory.

If you encounter any of these issues, follow these steps:

  • Go to Profile Settings.
  • Select "Sync Your Depop" or "Sync Your Poshmark."
  • Re-enter your current Depop or Poshmark username, ensuring all details match.
  • Follow the prompts to re-establish the synchronization.
For any further assistance or if you're facing sync issues not covered here, feel free to reach out to our support team (support@jambleapp.com).
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