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Returning an item

Buyer have 48 hours after the delivery of the item to report it any issue with their order. After 48 hours, the transaction will be automatically completed and they won’t be able to report it.

Buyers have the possibility to report the transaction and demand a refund, if the item does not arrive or is materially and significantly different to the description or the item is a counterfeit.

We advise you to try to resolve the issue directly with the buyer before involving Jamble. A simple and friendly conversation is often the best way to resolve the matter.

If you can’t come to an agreement with the buyer, they can ask for an investigation from Jamble. If we think they’re right, they will have to return to item to you to get a refund.

Buyers are in charge of the arrangements made for the returns.

Once the buyer has confirmed the content of the order, the transaction is completed in our system. We won’t be able to issue a refund if they find an issue with their item afterwards. We suggest you try to reach a friendly agreement and organize yourself an eventual return or/and refund.

Try to minimize the risk of returns!

Don’t sell counterfeits. If you’re unsure about authenticity, don’t sell it.

Tell the truth. Be honest about everything you’re selling and give as much detail about the condition of the article as possible.

Truth, fun and respect are the foundation of the Jamble community. Keep that in mind when interacting with each other!

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