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🗓 Step 2: Schedule your show in the app.

⚠️ Required

You can only schedule live shows if your app is properly set to go live. Confirm you’re ready HERE.

1. Click the “+” icon (on the bottom navigation bar) and click “Schedule a live show”

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2. Fill out information for your LIVE and add a cool cover photo to attract buyers.

  1. Show Title* (as it will appear on the Homepage)
  1. Show Description - let buyers know what to expect
  1. Start Time* - choose your date & time.
      • We recommend:
        • Weekdays: 3-7PM PST / 6-10PM EST
        • Fridays: 12-6PM PST / 3-9PM EST
        • Weekends: Before 7PM PST / 10PM EST
  1. Cover Photo* - cool photo of your shop or inventory.
      • We added some inspo below ⬇️ (scroll down)
  1. Tags - pick up to 3 pre-filled tags (Y2K, vintage, etc.)

When done, click “Schedule your Show”

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Cover Photo Inspo

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Notion image
Notion image
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