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🗓 Step 2: Schedule your Show

Book the right date and time

You can only schedule live shows if your app is properly set to go live. Confirm you’re ready HERE.

1. Click the “+” icon (on the bottom navigation bar) and click “Schedule a live show”

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2. Fill out information for your LIVE and add a cool cover photo to attract buyers.

  1. Show Title* (as it will appear on the Homepage)
  1. Show Description - let buyers know what to expect
  1. Start Time* - choose your date & time.
      • We recommend:
        • Weekdays: 3-7PM PST / 6-10PM EST
        • Fridays: 12-6PM PST / 3-9PM EST
        • Weekends: Before 7PM PST / 10PM EST
  1. Cover Photo* - cool photo of your shop or inventory.
      • We added some inspo below ⬇️ (scroll down)
  1. Tags - pick up to 3 pre-filled tags (Y2K, vintage, etc.)

When done, click “Schedule your Show”

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Cover Photo Inspo

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Notion image
Notion image
Notion image
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