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💸 Referral Program

Refer new live hosts, earn major credits!

This program is for Live Sellers only. If you want to become one, please apply.

  1. Send your referral code to friends

As a Live Seller, you may find the code to send out to fellow future sellers on your profile and in your settings.

Notion image

Copy the code and send it out to your friends. They will have to add it when applying to become live sellers.

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  1. Friends apply to be a Live Seller with your Referral Code

When filling out the live application, they must put your Referral Code in the Optional “Referral Code” box that appears at the beginning of their application.

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Note : Your friend can also always put it in the “Redeem a code” section in the settings, but only before being accepted as a live seller.

Your Referral Code is completely different than your invite code.
  1. If approved, they will get $20 credits to spend on Jamble.

The review process will take less than a week. If an applicant is denied, we will send him a notification after two weeks, and he can submit a second live application.

  1. You get $100 in credits when they hit $30 in live sales! When your friend reaches $30 in completed and shipped live sales (not marketplace) within their first 45 days as live sellers, we add a $100 credit to your account.
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