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💸 Referral Program

Refer new live hosts, earn major credits!

Jamble’s Live Seller Referral Program is here!

  • This program is for Live Sellers only. If you want to become one, please apply.

Here’s how it works:

1. Friends apply to be a Live Seller with your Referral Code (see below where to find your code).

Your Referral Code is completely different than your invite code. On the application, they must put your Referral Code in the “Referral Code” box, and not anywhere else (for ex: notes). *️⃣ Once they apply, code can not be added, edited or changed.


2. If approved, they get $20 credits to spend on Jamble.

Review process can take up to a few weeks. We do not notify applicants if they are denied, only if they are approved.


3. You get $50 in credits when they hit $200 in live sales! When your friend reaches $200 in completed live sales (not marketplace), we add a $50 credit to your account.


How to find your Referral Code and track your referrals:


Your Jamble Profile ➡️ Settings (⚙️ icon in top right corner) ➡️ Refer New Live Hosts, Earn Credits

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