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🔖 Step 3: Add Inventory & Giveaways

3 easy ways to add listings to your Show

In order to make sales, you must add inventory to your Show. Also don’t forget to add giveaways to make your Live even more appealing

There are 3 ways to add listings to your Show:

  • Manually create listings
  • Import from Shop (compatible for items imported from Depop & Poshmark!)
  • Clone from previous Shows

Step-by-step guide:

1) Open your already scheduled Live show

2) Click the + button (bottom right corner)

3) Choose your preferred method to add listings to your Show:


4) Once you’ve added your items, Order your products - the exact order you set will be how you go live. You can move items around in the list to create the desired order.

Notion image

5) (Optional) - 🎁 Giveaways

  • While this is not required, it is recommended! Giveaways are a great way to increase attendance.
  • While you are not paid for a giveaway item (you’re offering it for free), shipping is free to both you and the winner - Jamble pays for the shipping.
  • To add an item as a Giveaway, simply switch the option from "Auction" to "Giveaway"

Remember to provide the necessary information for each item and consider offering Giveaways to increase attendance. Happy selling!

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