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Need to get in touch. We are here to help. The only way to Contact Us is directly through the app (steps below). We will get back to you! At this time we do not offer phone or email support. Before you contact us:

  • Are you having a problem? Try to restart the app.
  • Check if you are connected to the internet, wifi works best.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the app.

To check, visit the App Store and search Jamble, this will allow you to verify if you need to update the app. If any of this didn’t fix your problem, go to Your Profile > click on Settings How to Contact Us via the App: Please find what best describes your situation below.

⚠️  Please make sure the email address you listed on your profile is valid so we can easily get in touch with you

We also suggest you check your spam folder for any potential answers from us. I am a live seller who needs immediate help. Contact us for immediate support via your live screen. Here’s how. I am a buyer or seller who needs help with an order. Profile > Settings > Support Please share the order # I found a bug or want to give feedback. Profile > Settings > Support Please share as many details as possible. I still need help. Profile > Settings > Support OR Call with Founder to schedule a time to speak directly to our team.

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